About Us and Weekly Email Update Submission Guidelines

About Us

     WeCAN is an effort to share information. We are not a mission-driven coalition or alliance, nor will we be sponsoring campaigns of our own. Think of us as the "211 of Grassroots Organizations in Windham County." Our goal is to make communication streamlined so that it is EASY for people to step up and take action.

     The WeCAN Communications Team was formed after the election to set up a network of communication systems to connect newly activated folks to the great organizations that already exist and to help organizers collaborate more easily with each other. The Communications Team is made up of activists Joanna Wilson Phillips and Sam Warren. Would you like to join our team? Email [email protected] for more information. 

     Click here for the List of Participating Organizations.


Weekly Email Update Submission Guidelines

     Welcome, fellow activists! Here are your guidelines to submitting any events you'd like included in WeCAN's Weekly Email Update, which is email is sent out every Sunday morning to approximately 500 local households. 
     Please send your email to [email protected]. Submissions MUST be received by Friday evenings at 10pm. Your subject line should include the title and date of your event and no other information. EXAMPLE: 'Enough! BUHS Walkout - 3/14/18'
Image Attachment Information:  
     Please submit all images as JPEGS. Images submitted in different formats may not be able to be included.
Please write out ALL of your event’s info (who what where when why) in the body of the email.
Events submitted with images only may not be able to be viewed or added to the Weekly Email. 
     The Weekly Email Update is not the appropriate place to solicit donations for your organization. This weekly email is intended to list events and their pertinent information only. If donations are accepted at your event, that information will be listed. All other asks (ie an address to send money) for donations will be excluded from future listings.
 The Editors reserve the right to edit all submissions for content and pertinence before publication, without notification. 
      All submitted events will now run in the Weekly Email Update until the event date has passed, even if the organizers do not continue to send in the event on a weekly basis. If you would like your event to STOP RUNNING please send us a quick email at [email protected] before 10pm on Friday night to let us know that your event SHOULD NOT be listed in the next Weekly Email Update.
     Thank you for your submissions and we look forward to seeing you at your event!   
     Joanna Wilson Phillips and Sam Warren
Your Friendly WeCAN Admins