About Us

WeCAN is an effort to share information. We are not a mission-driven coalition or alliance, nor will we be sponsoring campaigns of our own. Think of us as the "211 of Grassroots Organizations in Windham County." Our goal is to make communication streamlined so that it is EASY for people to step up and take action.

The WeCAN Communications Team was formed after the election to set up a network of communication systems to connect newly activated folks to the great organizations that already exist and to help organizers collaborate more easily with each other. The Communications Team is made up of a great mix of long-time activists, newer activists, and people with experience in connecting others, including Curtiss Reed, Julie Cunningham, Ann Braden, Emilie Kornheiser, Ezlerh Oreste, Robin MacArthur, Erika Korb, Ann Golob, and Joanna Wilson Phillips. We're also working closely with legislators Mike Mrowicki and Senator Majority Leader Becca Balint.

Click here for the List of Participating Organizations.